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The Big Cost Of A DUI Conviction That Nobody Warns You About

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2016 | Firm News

When you’re facing DUI charges, a thousand thoughts run through your mind. You’re probably worried about losing your job, having your driver’s license suspended, or even facing jail time. And while these are all very real and possible consequences of a DUI conviction in the Greensboro area, there is one big, looming cost that most people aren’t even aware of. It’s a dire penalty that lasts longer than jail sentences or potential lapses in employment, and can be a constant painful reminder of the choices you made leading up to your DUI.

That consequence has to do with your auto insurance policy and costs, which may have more of an impact on your daily life than you realize. We all need car insurance, but what happens to that insurance coverage after a DUI conviction? There are several possibilities that arise in this kind of situation:

  •       Your premiums are likely to increase, and depending on your state of residence, they can balloon up to 112% more than you paid before your conviction
  •       Your previous carrier may refuse to insure you, leaving you to find a new insurance company while negating any loyalty discounts you may have earned
  •       You will lose your status of “good driver” for as long as your DUI is on your record (up to 10 years in some states), increasing your monthly premiums significantly
  •       You become classified as a “high risk driver”, leading to higher premiums and fewer companies willing to insure you

Changes to your auto insurance are rarely discussed in cases of DUI convictions, but these consequences can end up costing you upwards of $15,000, according to some reports. This is yet another reason to work with a qualified DUI attorney in the Greensboro area to represent you and keep the damage to a minimum.