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E.J. Boswell Law Office Frequently Asked Questions About Drunk Driving Charges

A drunk driving arrest can leave you uncertain about what steps you should take. Especially if this is your first time facing criminal charges, you may have many questions.

At E.J. Boswell Law Office, I bring over a decade of criminal defense experience to every case. I am dedicated to answering these important questions for those facing charges of driving under the influence (DUI) in Greensboro, Madison, Eatonton and other communities in the area.

How does Georgia law define drunk driving?

Generally, Georgia law considers drivers over the age of 21 legally drunk when their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is over 0.08% or if they are noticeably impaired. Commercial drivers – including semi-truck drivers and school bus drivers – could face charges for a BAC as low as 0.04%, while the limit for underage drivers is 0.02%.

Will I lose my license after an arrest?

The Georgia Department of Driver Services automatically suspends drivers’ licenses after a drunk driving arrest, but it is possible to appeal this decision. This suspension lasts one year, though a conviction can lead to even longer suspension.

Are the penalties for a DUI different if I have prior charges on my record?

The penalties for a Georgia drunk driving conviction are different if you have prior convictions within the past ten years. A first charge involves at least 24 hours in jail and $300 in fines along with other potential consequences. A second DUI will involve at least 72 hours in jail and $600 in fines. Drunk driving charges with two or more prior convictions on your record involve at least 15 days in jail and $1,000 in fines.

What Should I Do After An Arrest?

Every person’s situation is different. For answers to questions about the specific details of your case, reach out to my firm for a free consultation. Get in touch online or call 706-417-8299 for more information.