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Offering Guidance On Alimony In Georgia

Transitioning to a new chapter of life after marriage can be challenging. When one spouse has spent time away from the workforce or cannot support themselves, that change can be especially difficult. Alimony or spousal support can ensure that they have the support they need during this significant life transition.

At  E.J. Boswell Law Office, I help couples in central Georgia reach a fair agreement during the divorce process, including considerations like alimony. I have years of experience supporting individuals and families in my community navigate family law concerns and protect their finances.

What Forms Of Alimony Might Be Available?

The court’s decision to award alimony in a divorce depends on many distinct factors. These include the length of the marriage, each person’s financial resources and the contributions each person made to the household. The courts can order one of two types of alimony in a Georgia divorce:

  • Temporary alimony – The court may award temporary support to help the spouse who earns less transition into the next stage of their life. For example, the court may grant alimony while a spouse who has been out of the workforce acquires training or education to help them pursue a career.
  • Permanent alimony – In some cases, the court may award alimony on a permanent basis. This may occur when the receiving spouse has serious health conditions, is too old to reenter the workforce or acts as caretaker to a child with special needs.

The courts do not automatically grant alimony in divorce cases, and an experienced attorney can guide you through the process of requesting this support.

Discuss Your Needs In A Consultation

Whether alimony will be a part of your life after divorce depends on your specific circumstances. To learn more, reach out to my firm online or call 706-417-8299 to arrange for a free consultation.