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Don’t Take a Gamble With Your Estate Planning

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2017 | Firm News

In today’s digital age, we can access nearly everything online, including legal documents and advice. However, in certain cases, the DIY online approach can be very risky, especially when it comes to financial and family matters. Many people attempt to file their estate planning forms through internet companies, but they don’t know exactly what they’re getting, and lots of things can fall through the cracks. And the last thing any of us wants is for our wishes to be lost or improperly filed, especially in the event of emergency. This can make your final days even more stressful, or cause your loved ones serious financial and emotional pain.

While we may pride ourselves on our self-reliance, there is nothing that can replace the experience of working with a real, live estate planning attorney in Greensboro. Having someone that you know and trust can make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to such a sensitive and personal issue. When you choose to work with a lawyer for things like wills, living trusts, gifts, naming beneficiaries, and outlining probate documents, you’ll be able to rest easy at night knowing that everything is being done properly. Only a legal professional can ensure that your wishes will be honored, and your estate will be distributed smoothly.

The American Bar Association has issued a warning against doing online, DIY estate planning, and for good reason. One small mistake can have disastrous consequences! Plus, doing these things online doesn’t allow you to ask specific questions, make customized documents, or outline your wishes for complex estates that involve companies, multiple properties, or several tiers of beneficiaries. A trained and experienced estate planning lawyer in Greensboro, however, will take their time to sit down with you and your family, learn about your unique situation, and draft up all the documents you will need to protect your assets now, and into the future.

Online estate planning may seem like a simple and cost-effective way to go, but when you have a spouse or children that are dependent on you, it’s never worth the risk. At the end of the day, we want to feel secure that our future is in good hands, and know that no matter what happens to us, the people we care about will be safe and sound. When you’re ready to start your estate planning with an attorney you can trust, reach out to our office today for your free consultation!