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DUI Prevention 101

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Firm News

Being charged with a DUI in Greensboro can have disastrous consequences for your life, affecting everything from your employment opportunities to the custody of your children. Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never a good idea, but still, thousands of people are convicted of DUIs each year here in Georgia. If you want to reduce your risk of getting a DUI, or want to prevent your loved ones from endangering themselves and others on the road, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Find a ride

If you know that you will be drinking during an event, consider taking an alternate form of transportation there and home again. Plan ahead, so you don’t have to leave your car and come back to retrieve it. Instead, take a taxi, a ride-share program, or take public transportation if possible.

2. Bring a sober friend

Having a designated non-imbibing friend with you can save your life and the lives of others. This person can act as a sober driver, or can just keep an eye out for you. When you drink, you can easily lose perspective of the situation, and a sober friend can help you avoid making serious mistakes.

3. Include water and food

When you’re out drinking, try this trick: alternate every alcoholic beverage with a non-alcoholic one like water, soda, or juice. Also try to eat food before, during, and after your drinking, as this will help buffer the alcohol’s affect on your system, and prevent it from hitting you as hard.

4. Find a place to sleep

Sometimes, when home is far away or when you don’t have someone to give you a ride, the safest thing you can do is to sleep where you are, or very nearby. If you are at a friend’s home, ask if you can crash there, or if you’re out at a party or bar, look for a hotel within walking distance. Sleeping can help you sober up and find a safe way home the next day.

5. Start early

One of the keys to preventing DUI arrests is to start the festivities early, as opposed to late at night. This allows people to drink earlier in the day, and cut off the alcohol at a reasonable time, so they can get home safely. Party hosts should cut off the booze approximately 2 hours before the end of an event, and hold events when public transportation is still running.

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