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4 Ways That a Criminal Record Can Damage Your Life

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Firm News

Being charged with a crime, whether you’re innocent or not, is a serious matter. Too many people assume that minor crimes or accusations won’t come back to haunt them later, and end up skimping on their criminal defense in Greensboro. They make mistakes, take risks, and fail to plan ahead. However, regardless of the type of crime you have been charged with, it will likely stay on your public record for a very long time. Depending on your local laws, a criminal charge may be visible indefinitely.

The criminal justice system can be ruthless, so it’s critical that you obtain a qualified defense attorney as soon as you have been charged with a crime. This will lessen the consequences, and set you up for a more positive future. Because when it comes to having a record, here are just a few ways that it can affect your life:

  • Bar you from housing options

In the vast majority of places, when you fill out a rental application for housing, a criminal background check will be conducted. Many apartment complexes, condo developments, and neighborhoods do not allow renters who have a criminal record, and this may make it impossible to find a place to live.

  • Make finding a job difficult

When considering a potential new hire, companies of all shapes and sizes will check out your public record and personal references. While you will likely be given a chance to explain your past, having a criminal charge will make you a much less competitive candidate, even if you’re otherwise qualified.

  • Interrupt your child custody

If you have minor children and you have separated from your partner/co-parent, if you have a criminal record, it will be much more difficult to make a case for your involvement in the children’s lives. A parent that has past charges, or has served any kind of sentence does not look good in the eyes of a child custody judge.

  • Prevent financial options

Many people have a goal to buy a home or a car, but certain finance or theft-related charges may show up on your credit report and/or background check. Thus, you may have a hard time obtaining the necessary financing. Lenders and creditors may refuse to work with you, or if they do, you may be offered an extremely high interest rate.

If you want to avoid these consequences, and more, reach out to one of the most experienced criminal defense attorneys in Georgia. Get in touch with the law office of E.J. Boswell and request your free consultation to get started!