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Frequently Asked Questions About DUIs in Georgia

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2018 | Firm News

The consequences for a DUI conviction can be steep. Jail time, hefty fines, and losing your license are only the beginning; depending on your circumstances you may also lose your job, compromise your child custody agreement, and experience other major setbacks. Understandably, you may want to know the details of Georgia’s DUI laws, and how they may affect you. Since every state’s laws surrounding driving under the influence are different, don’t assume you know what you could be in for.

In the end, only a qualified DUI attorney in Greensboro can give you the answers that are pertinent to your unique situation. However, here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding DUIs:

Q: Are field sobriety tests mandatory?

A: No. In the state of Georgia, you are not required to perform a field sobriety test during your traffic stop. However, law enforcement is not likely to tell you that it’s optional.

Q: Can I request a blood test instead of a breath test?

A: No, unfortunately. The law enforcement officer is in charge of making the choice of what type of test to administer.

Q: Can I still drive while my DUI case is pending?

A: Yes. As long as your case is still pending, and you have a valid driver’s license, you will still be able to drive.

Q: What will a DUI conviction do to my insurance rates?

A: You will likely see a dramatic increase in your car insurance, up to 5x your pre-conviction rate. Your current provider may also deny you further coverage, so you may end up shopping for new insurance as well.

Q: Can I get my DUI erased from my record?

A: Only if your case was dismissed. If you were convicted of a DUI, that will stay on your record forever. If your DUI was reduced to a lesser charge, your record will still show that you were originally arrested for a DUI.

Q: At what point does a DUI become a felony?

A: In the state of Georgia, the fourth or subsequent offense within 10 years is categorized as a felony DUI.

Q: What effect will a DUI charge have on my CDL?

A: If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL), your first offense will suspend your CDL for one year. Any subsequent offense, and you lose your CDL for life.

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