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Are you Facing a High Net Worth Divorce?

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A divorce case can be relatively simple or extremely complicated, depending on the circumstances of the marriage. One factor that can complicate a divorce is when a couple has high-value assets and property. Spouses with high net worth will often require more resources to resolve the necessary issues of a divorce case, and they may be more adversarial. You need to be sure you have a highly skilled attorney handling a divorce that involves significant wealth.

High net worth divorce cases can often involve prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, require complicated resolutions to many issues, including:

Property division – Many wealthy couples have a wide array of assets, including vacation properties, investment properties, retirement accounts and pensions, investments, stock options, bonds, and business interests. Any marital property must be divided equitably according to Georgia property division law, which means a fair division based on the circumstances. Often, property division involves locating hidden assets, appraisals or businesses or property, and much more.

Spousal support – Among wealthy married couples, it is common for one spouse to earn income and the other to not work in order to care for the household. In a divorce, the spouse who stayed home will likely request alimony to help provide financial support in line with the standard of living they enjoyed during the marriage. This is often a contentious matter, and anyone facing an alimony determination should have an experienced divorce lawyer on their side.

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