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Common Arrests During the Holiday Season

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2019 | Firm News

When you think of the holidays, you likely think of food, gifts, and celebrations. The last thing you might expect is to find yourself in handcuffs and spending the night in jail. However, arrests often spike at the end of the year, and arrests for certain offenses are particularly common. If you get arrested for any reason, you should immediately call a criminal defense lawyer in Greensboro.

Driving Under the Influence

Many holiday celebrations involve alcoholic beverages, and many people indulge responsibly. However, some people still decide to try to drive themselves after a night of drinking. Law enforcement agencies are fully aware that drunk driving increases between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and they ramp up their enforcement efforts. For this reason, arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) are common during this season.

Domestic Violence

There is no doubt the holidays can be stressful for families. Busy schedules, financial stress, and extended family gatherings can all put pressure on already strained relationships. Unfortunately, this can lead to altercations and incidents of domestic violence and assault. When police are called to a domestic disturbance, at least one person is usually arrested.

Theft Crimes

Some people might be tempted to use the chaos of stores during the holidays as a cover for shoplifting. Store managers and staff are always on the lookout for possible shoplifters, and they often report instances to law enforcement. In addition, others might decide to engage in fraud crimes, burglary, and other theft offenses to wrongfully cash in on the holiday season, and individuals might get caught or wrongfully accused of such crimes.

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