Criminal Defense And High-Stakes Divorce In Georgia Requires Grit And Local Insight

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Are you in danger of having a high-stakes divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | High Asset Divorce

Divorce is rarely an easy life event. Does your marital situation mean you will go through a high-stakes divorce?

The determining factor in whether a divorce falls into this category is money. The higher your net worth, the more likely your divorce will require complicated procedures behind the scenes. What you may need to do depends on how your marriage structure works and what kind of relationship you have with your spouse.

Did you have a prenuptial agreement?

If your relationship started with one or both of you bringing assets, you may have a prenuptial agreement. While this may help with separating some of your assets and debt, it may not make unraveling the entire financial picture easy. For example, if you and your spouse have a business together, you may find that the prenup is insufficient in covering how to separate and divide that.

Do you and your spouse have joint accounts?

Absent a prenup, you and your spouse must go through the division process before a judge signs off on the divorce. Since your assets are substantial, you should engage the services of financial advisors and professionals to assist with dividing up your lives. Going through mediation may allow you and your spouse to maintain more control over how to split things without a judge making those decisions for you. Georgia is an equitable division state, so the judge will consider a myriad of factors before splitting money and debts.

Should the relationship with your spouse remain amicable, you may go through a high-stakes divorce with no more stress and anxiety than a traditional one. Even if your divorce proves contentious, having a team of professionals to assist you may prove invaluable for closing this chapter and moving forward.