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Can a DUI change your career path?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | DUI

Getting a DUI can alter anyone’s potential career path. However, it may have particularly notable repercussions for people just starting out with their schooling journey.

In what ways can a DUI change a student’s future? What are the biggest hurdles it may introduce?

Financial aid and DUI convictions

As The College Investor states, a DUI on record can do serious damage to a student’s future. First and foremost, having a DUI on record may encourage colleges and other private financial aid providers to recant their support.

A college will likely not dispel a student for a DUI alone. However, if the DUI involved bodily harm to other individuals, significant property damage, involvement of a minor or other complications, then they may do so.

Even if they do not, they can still revoke their financial support. Not only may they refuse to uphold scholarships or financial rewards, but they might bar a student from using on-campus housing. This will force them to utilize off-campus housing instead, which serves as a much higher expense.

Loss of job opportunities

In addition to the loss of financial support, these individuals might find doors of opportunity closing in front of them.

For example, many fields do not hire people with a DUI on record. This includes all government positions and any job that works with children, including teaching positions. Any job that requires a commercial driver’s license falls under this umbrella, too.

Thus, it is important for any student facing a DUI charge to take it seriously from the start in order to avoid the lasting impacts that may occur due to a conviction.