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Reasons DUI arrests increase over the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | DUI

Certain times of the year see an increase in certain types of crimes, as well as arrests for those infractions. For example, crimes of opportunity, such as unlawful entry, tend to spike during the summer months when people are more likely to leave their windows and doors open to cool down their residences. During the holiday season, which people in the United States typically define as being between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, there is an increase in arrests for driving under the influence.

Here are some of the reasons why DUI arrests on Georgia roads and highways increase over the holidays.

Holiday parties

Many families and workplaces have holiday parties throughout the month of December and into early January. There is often alcohol served at these events, and many people choose to drive home after imbibing more than they would normally. In addition to these parties, the holidays themselves, such as Thanksgiving in November, often involve gathering with people and partaking in alcoholic beverages.

Greater number of checkpoints

Law enforcement officers are aware of these holiday parties and set up more checkpoints during the holiday season in order to help keep roads and highways safe. More checkpoints will inevitably lead to more arrests of those who decide to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking or consuming illegal drugs.

Driving while impaired is never a good idea, and knowing that there is a greater likelihood of getting caught over the holidays may deter some motorists from doing so.