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A low frustration tolerance can lead to assault charges

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Assault

Assault charges can lead to a serious sentence. If you struggle with physical anger, you may have a lower threshold for frustration. Fortunately, there may be ways for you to control your anger to prevent future incidents.

Anger management teaches students how to confront and control their emotions.

Why people experience anger differently

Some people naturally have a shorter fuse than others. Kids can be born more irritable, touchy or easy to anger compared to their peers. Most people learn not to express anger, but because people regard it as a negative emotion, they do not know to handle it constructively. In addition to some people becoming more frustrated naturally, your background can also impact how you experience anger.

Children who come from chaotic or disruptive homes do not always know how to communicate when in an emotional state.

How anger management can help

Anger management could reduce your likelihood of engaging in physical violence. Anger management aims to help you recognize what triggers your anger. Once you know your triggers, you can take action to avoid the triggers or learn to manage your emotional and physiological reactions to those feelings.

When you go through anger management courses, you learn to change your thoughts. When angry, a lot of people think and speak dramatically. You may have an exaggerated response to frustration. In cognitive restructuring, you learn to tell yourself that while you have an understandable frustration, anger does not fix it. Anger management teaches you to stop catastrophizing.

Learning to solve problems and communicate with others without allowing anger or frustration to cloud it can result in better relationships. Likewise, it can prevent physical fights from breaking out.