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One of the most common kinds of motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2024 | Car Accidents

When you look at the statistics, motorcycles are much more dangerous than other vehicles. For example, it is now relatively common knowledge that the fatality rate for motorcyclists is 28 times higher than the fatality rate for those driving cars and trucks.

A major part of the problem is “simply” that other drivers make mistakes and cause motorcycle accidents. A motorcyclist may not do anything wrong, but they may end up hurt anyway. The greatest danger they face generally comes from those around them… even if those around them are “just” turning left.

Why left turn accidents are so common

Typically, a left turn accident happens on a two-way street. Generally speaking, a motorcyclist is moving in one direction and the other driver is approaching them in the opposing traffic lanes. That driver slows down or stops in order to make a left turn, perhaps onto another road or into a driveway. Instead of yielding the right of way, the driver turns directly in front of the motorcycle. With no time to react, the motorcyclist hits the side of that vehicle or skids out.

This sometimes happens because drivers don’t properly look for motorcycles. In other cases, drivers may be looking for a gap in traffic, and the motorcycle is hidden behind a larger vehicle. But either way, it is the turning driver who made the mistake and caused the accident – but it is the motorcyclist who is more likely to suffer serious injuries.

Seeking compensation

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident or even lost a loved one as a result of one? You may deserve financial compensation. Be sure you know what legal options you have available to you. Seeking personalized legal guidance is a good way to get started.