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Why is your morning coffee a driving distraction?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2024 | Car Accidents

Most Americans drink coffee every morning. Some reports put it at around 66%, meaning that 2/3 of adults in the United States are having at least a single cup of coffee when they wake up. 

Many of them do this on their commute to work. If you drive past Starbucks or another popular chain with a drive-through, you will likely see a line of cars around the building during rush hour. People are very busy, so instead of making coffee at home, they just buy it and drink it in the car during their commute.

This leads to more car accidents

This is problematic because coffee can be very distracting in the car. Some studies have rated it as the number one most distracting food.

Part of this simply is due to the fact that anything a driver is doing – other than operating the vehicle – is a distraction. If they look down to pick up their cup of coffee, they are distracted. If they tip the coffee cup up in front of their face, blocking their view of the road for a second, they are also distracted. This same level of distraction would apply to drinking a soda or eating a hamburger.

But coffee can be especially problematic because it’s very hot. If someone spills their coffee on their lap while driving, they could suddenly lose control of the vehicle. This could cause them to drive off of the road, drive over the center line or even hit another car. In a split second, they go from their normal commute to a serious wreck.

You can avoid distractions when you drive, but you could still be injured by another distracted driver. If so, look into your options to seek financial compensation.