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Trusted Legal Representation For Car Accident Victims

Auto accidents turn people’s lives upside down. The aftermath of a car crash, truck wreck, or other motor vehicle accident can feel impossible to navigate between injuries, medical bills, lost wages, car repair or replacement, and emotional pain and suffering.

I am attorney E.J. Boswell, and I am dedicated to helping Georgia car accident victims seek justice. With legal representation on the case, victims can focus solely on their physical recovery while their attorney goes to work for them.

Georgia Car Accident Statistics

Traffic accident injuries and deaths have steadily increased in Georgia in recent years. 

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, motor vehicle accidents were the second leading cause of injury deaths in 2020. There was a total of 1,658 traffic fatalities.

Car accidents were also the second leading cause of ER cases and hospitalizations in 2020. 

What Should You Do After A Crash?

The moments directly following a collision are disorienting, but it’s also a crucial time to begin laying the groundwork for legal action.

The most critical things for accident victims to remember after a crash are:

  • Call the police at the scene so they can create an accident report.
  • Gather the other driver’s insurance information.
  • Do not apologize or otherwise admit fault to the other driver or anyone else at the scene.
  • Get medical attention right away, even if you aren’t seriously injured.
  • Don’t speak to the other driver’s insurance company.
  • Get help from a car accident attorney.

Doing these things can help car accident victims maximize their chances of getting the justice and compensation they seek.

How An Attorney Can Help Car Accident Victims

 With legal help, car accident victims may be able to recover compensation for the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Car repairs or replacement
  • Emotional pain and suffering

When a car accident victim works with an attorney, they have a powerful legal advocate fighting for the full extent of compensation that they’re entitled to.

Get On The Road To Recovery Today

It can be hard to ask for help after a car accident. But once you do, the aftermath becomes much easier to deal with. To begin the journey toward justice, call my firm, E.J. Boswell Law Office, at 706-417-8299 or reach out online to schedule a free consultation.