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Living with Your Spouse During a Divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2019 | Firm News

Some states require spouses to live separately for a period of time before they can get a divorce, though Georgia law has no such requirement. This means that some spouses might choose to continue living together throughout the divorce process. There are several reasons why you might decide to stay under the same roof, including saving money or showing that staying in the family home means a lot to you for the purposes of your divorce case. In any event, there are some things to consider if you choose to live together during your divorce.

Don’t put the children in the middle – It can be tempting for parents to use children as leverage in a divorce case. Some parents might try to sway a child on “their side,” hoping it might benefit a custody determination. However, courts like to see parents who are willing to cooperate and encourage relationships with the other parent.

Set financial expectations – Will you still use a joint account, or will you split bills from separate accounts once you decide to get divorced? It is important to be honest and open about finances so you can save as much as possible with your decision to keep only one residence. Avoid making large purchases or racking up credit card debt, as this can be a problem in a divorce.

Stay civil – The more civil you can remain, the most likely it can be that you can agree on your divorce issues and end the process sooner. The more adversarial you are at home, the more adversarial you might be in your case, which can lead to higher costs and more delays.

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