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Should You Make Your Own Will?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2021 | Firm News

Every adult should have a last will and testament and, in fact, minors as young as 14 can draft a legal will in Georgia. When it comes time to complete a will, where do you start? Do you need a lawyer’s assistance? Can you just get a form from the internet and make your own will?

While you certainly can make a valid will without an attorney, it is always risky to do so. If you fail to follow the right procedures or consider certain issues, it can cause problems for your family during the probate process. If you truly want to protect your property and your family members, it is always wise to seek legal help from a Greensboro estate planning attorney.

The Risk of Will Contests

Probate is a much more straightforward process if your family can submit a valid will to the probate court. However, if you make your own will, there might be a greater chance that someone might challenge the validity of your will. This can delay the process and cause conflict among family members.

If you have a lawyer helping you, they can ensure that:

  • Your will is executed and witnessed properly
  • You have the capacity to make a valid will
  • You were not coerced or induced by fraud to sign the will
  • No one unduly influenced you

Your lawyer can also talk through all the terms of your will and help you make the important decisions.

Learn How a Greensboro Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

When you sit down to write a will, you want to ensure that the document achieves your goals for your family and property. At EJ Boswell Law Office, a Greensboro estate planning attorney can help you draft a will and create a comprehensive estate plan. Contact us online or call 706-417-8299 for more information.