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How does wealth impact divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | High Asset Divorce

Popular myth states that the more assets a person has, the more vitriolic their divorce will likely get.

While assets may impact divorce, does it actually impact the level of vitriol in a divorce? Do wealthier couples actually end up fighting more?

Wealth and its ties to arguments

As Business Insider states, wealth often has numerous impacts on divorce. However, these impacts may not come in the form people expect.

To a degree, wealth does seem to affect the number of arguments that a couple has. For example, upper-middle-class couples actually have the most vitriolic divorces of any couples. They fight so much that the press nicknamed them “the fighting class”.

On the other hand, wealthy couples who have over $5 million in net worth tend to have the highest rate of amiable divorces among all wealth classes. So what does this mean about wealth’s ties to arguments in divorce?

A person’s feelings on assets

Essentially, it has less to do with the actual amount of assets that a couple owns and more to do with the way they feel about those assets.

Couples with high net worth, couples that classify as “rich”, tend to feel more financial security than couples in upper-middle-class wealth brackets. They know that one divorce will not jeopardize their ability to maintain their current quality and standard of living.

On the other hand, the less secure a couple feels about their assets surviving the divorce, the more likely they are to argue and fight to get as many assets as they can. This leads to the strain typically seen among couples in divorce situations.