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The dangers of trucking accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Car Accidents

While any traffic accident may come with severe consequences, the risk increases exponentially when it involves a semi-truck.

According to the National Safety Council, fatalities involving large trucks have increased 49% in the past 10 years.  From driver fatigue to distracted driving and improper training, many factors contribute to the severity of truck drivers taking their eyes off the road for even a few seconds.

Size makes a difference

With so many trucks on the road, many people forget the massiveness of these trucks. Considering that a loaded truck may weigh close to 80,000 pounds while passenger vehicles only weigh around 4,000 pounds, the weight and height of trucks creates means any impact comes with more devastation.

Maneuverability creates more issues

While the trucking industry serves a vital role in everyone’s daily lives, the trucks themselves come with many limitations. Modern passenger vehicles feature impressive innovations that allow for enhanced handling and braking. Unfortunately, the size of trucks inherently means a lack of maneuverability. When an unexpected obstacle appears on the road, commercial trucks do not have the luxury of easily and quickly avoiding them.

Loose cargo adds extra risk

The cargo getting transported also adds risk. An improperly loaded truck means it increases the potential for the cargo to shift. That adds further difficulty for the driver to control the truck. Even a gentle turn or switching of lanes could lead to the shifted cargo causing the truck to roll over on its axis, creating a situation that could lead to a pile-up.

All of the above may lead to a host of severe injuries and potential death, making it imperative for all drivers to maintain awareness when driving amid large trucks.