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4 tips for making your executor’s job easier

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Estate Planning

An executor’s duties can be complicated. It can be challenging to ensure all beneficiaries and interested parties are adequately informed, find necessary documents, manage properties, pay debts and distribute an estate. 

You can make their work more manageable. Here is how:

1. Inform your executor of their role 

An executor shouldn’t be surprised by the appointment after your death. Your chosen party should know about their appointment earlier. Explain to them their duties and your wishes. 

Additionally, you should connect your executor with your financial advisor, tax professional, attorney, business partners and any other professional you work with to help them gain the needed knowledge.

2. Inform them of the location of crucial documents

Your executor should know about the location of your will and other crucial documents. If they are in a safe, your executor should have the code. If your attorney holds the documents for you, the executor should have the attorney’s contact information. And if you keep them in a safe deposit box, your executor should have access to it either as a joint owner or a deputy. 

3. Discuss potential disputes

If you believe a dispute may arise, you should have this conversation with your executor. They should know about the assets highly likely to result in conflicts and how to distribute them.

4. Review your estate plan with your executor

Circumstances may change in your life. Accordingly, you may need to update your estate plan. You should inform your executor about any changes you make. This way, they can easily spot an outdated will when probate time comes.

You should get legal guidance to help your executor understand their role in-depth.